Why was a problem priest “dumped” on Luke Air Force Base?

Charles Schultz is what you would call a “problem priest.”  First, there were the four EEOC complaints about workplace harassment.  Then, there was the incident where he assaulted at least one teen – which resulted in four police reports.

His behavior was no secret – the San Bernardino County Sun wrote about it in March 2009.  CLICK HERE to read the story.

When more than 300 people met to complain about the priest, San Bernardino Bishop Gerald Barnes finally put the priest on medical leave and assured scared and frustrated Catholics that Schultz was going to retire.

In fact, the San Bernardino Sun also covered the facts that Schultz was asked to resign, parishioners were offered counseling, and Bishop Barnes needed to refer to Canon Law to figure out what to do with Schultz. CLICK HERE to read that story.

So why then, less then six months later, does he show up at Luke Air Force Base, outside of Phoenix?  Is it because Barnes knew that military families would be hesitant to report an abusive cleric out of fear for their own careers?  Is it because Barnes knew that once Schultz becomes a full chaplain in May, that no one can fire him and he becomes the government’s problem?

Whatever it is, it stinks.  Our troops deserve better.

Today, SNAP (the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) wrote letters all the way from the base commander to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  Hopefully, they can put a stop to it.  Read their letter HERE.

SNAP also informed the mainstream media – let’s hope they pick up this VERY important story.  It’s hard enough to serve your country, without a credibly accused priest terrorizing your family.


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